Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Ain't Nuttin but A G(fruit) Ting Baby :-Ting Grapefruit Soda

Grapefruits. The evilest of all the fruits, not grape not fruit but somehow named after both. It's face melting bitterness if the bane of my life and how people can drink unsweetened grapefruit juice I'll never know.

So what I'm learning is in the Caribbean they like sugar. A lot. So much so infact that they said GRAPEFRUIT MON YOUR TYRANNY IS AT AN END MON and they tried to murder it with sugar and sell it in a can.

This is sweet and you pay for it, it racks in at 50cals per 100ml. Which is high. What you get for that is something that still tastes a little like grapefruit but rehabilitated grapefruit, ones who have a place in our society now.

Yeah it tastes a bit like Lilt and yeah it tastes a bit like Levi Roots Crush and it's somewhere in the middle there. That kind of sums it up. It's not a hot ticket but it certainly doesn't taste bad. If you are a fiend for either of those drinks give it a go. If you hate grapefruit then drink this as it might encourage more people to cover them in sugar. Or better yet encourage the GM farmers to finally sort that shit out

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