Monday, 24 October 2011

Sobe Pure Rush AppleBerry Burst

Like 90% of energy drinks this one thinks a little differently and is trying very hard not to me a Mr.Me Too to Red Bull.

SoBe Pure Rush is a natural energy drink. It has pictures of lizards on it and it says naturally sourced caffeine guarana and ginseng. It comes in a dinky little 250ml can and it wants you to believe that hey this isnt really an energy drink it's more a drink that happens to contain some perfectly natural energy. Why wouldn't you want some of that? I mean you feel so tired these days right...

This is the ying to Rockstar Punchs yang (I'm convinced that the Rockstar Punch is more likely to have a wang than a yang but still). It's understated, it's small and it's trying to gently coax a bit more life out of you. It's really fruity I mean you can really smell the apple flavour to it and it does have a nice little energy kick out of it but more than that it's a nice quite subtle apple and berry flavour to it. It tastes nice and the guarana means flavour wise it's like a toned down version of the Rockstar Punch we rated very highly.

All in all, this tastes good and the can looks good but I cant help but feel that it wants to market itself to an older group or possibly women who don't want the 'stigma' of drinking energy drinks. I think the can size is indicative of this.

All in all if a subtle energy drink (and I mean that in terms of packaging not the energy) is something you've been after you may have just found your brand but personally if I need an energy drink for whatever reason I may just stick to those massive massive cans.

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