Tuesday, 9 August 2011

New Sensation

Walkers have launced a new Sensations flavour to go with their new packaging and here it is

Sweet Chipotle. Mexican food seems to be enjoying a further surge in popularity at the minute as shown by shows like Thomasina Miers on Channel 5 and the strength of the Wahaca chain in London. As a side note if you are ever near one do give it a go but definitely try their Habiscus Drink it's incredible. The american chain Chipotle also opened in London last year and so Walkers are absolutely bang on trend with this flavour in the same way they were with Sweet Chilli.

For those not fully in the know Chipotle is a Chilli Pepper, normally Jalepeno that has been smoked. It's famed more for it's smokey flavour than it's sweet flavour and it's the sweet flavour that really comes through in these crisps. They arent too different from the sweet chilli crisps if I'm honest but with a little more spice coming through. It feels like Walkers BBQ has been mixed with Sweet Chilli more than a brand new bespoke flavour.

I'm a little dissapointed if I'm honest.

If you want a real taste of Chipotle I would reccomend getting yourself some of the following hot sauce. The Chipotle one is great but even it probably fails to beat the Chilli Garlic

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