Tuesday, 23 August 2011

I just got Mugged Off

I have something to admit which is a bit embarassing in the soda loving circle. God this is quite difficult to put into words. I...DON'T....REALLY....LIKE..........ROOT BEER :( It's out. I'm a social Pariah now, no wait I'm a Soda Pariah (trademark Fizzness 2011)

I've never enjoyed Root Beer. The flavour was too medicinal for me and I couldn't deal with it. A&W Jelly Bellys were always left till the end and I just avoided the stuff but close personal friend Gerry gave me a can of Mug Root Beer.

Now I know nothing about Root Beer, I wasn't even aware that this was a Pepsi Product until I just looked it up on Wikipedia. In a little case of serendipity it was originally produced by a company called the Belfast Beverage Company so perhaps a little part of it does still encapsulate Belfast because for the first time ever I found myself enjoying a Root Beer

I'm not going overboard here as it still has a strong 'medicinal' quality to it which I'm still struggling with but it was smooth to the finish. It tasted like a cream soda once the original root beer taste had ebbed away.

As a newcomer to Root Beer I really enjoyed it but I'm not sure how this sits with the Root Beer experts, and I know there are a lot of you out there, but if you can bare to look at me after my opening line I would like to hear from you what my next step on this journey should be?

Note to self though I will probably take a slight detour of the path to try out the Mug Cream Soda. It looks awesome.

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