Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Fizzness Brain Dump : Wouldn't it be great to have Facebook Fanta?

So as promised we have a musing or brain dump from us on a prospective facebook tie in that would get us very hot under the collar.

Facebook Fanta.

It's simple it's alliterative and it's what I want. Fanta is a funny brand. It's so engrossed into peoples minds but it seems a bit samey and a bit flat despite it being the mainstream brand that brings us the most new flavours in the UK.

That's a positive we're already used to fanta bringing out new flavours (Fanta Beach being our summer flavour this year http://fizzness.blogspot.com/2011/06/beach-please-new-fanta-flavour.html) so it's not going to throw people massively.

Here's where we start to break new ground. I want electric blue colour. I want it to jump off the shelf into my eyeballs making hot and sweaty love to my retinas. So that's a must. Once again this is an easy fix as Fanta have already done this shade of blue before elsewhere around the world

For some reason that shade of blue normally gets targetted as raspberry. It's one of the worlds many wonders that this happens but this shade of Fanta was Raspberry flavoured. The incredibly powered Dew Voltage (OHH SWEET JESUS IT'S GOOD) is the same as is of course the blue slush puppy (also known as a component of the Purple Urple). So we need to go a bit left field on this one and for that reason we're abandoning fruit all together. Yep I know Fanta is the fruit soda brand and this is an odd one but it's limited edition and it's checking how the market would react to non-fruit flavoured Fanta.

I've had two ideas for what to me is reprsented by this colour. One is a bit odd and one is a common flavour which is probably my all-time fave.

We would either go for Mint or Bubble-Gum

Hold up hold up. Mint isn't as crazy as it seems.

This is a mass market soda Pepsi launched in Japan. Despite it advertising the flavour as cucumber a lot of people thought it was more mint flavoured. Aside from that Mint Soda or Mint Cordial is quite popular in Europe (mainly France and Italy I believe)

Above is an Italian Mint Soda (now on our list of future reviews I may add) so despite this being an odd flavour it might well work as a Europe release as well as a UK only release. Mint has plenty of upsides but I know a lot of people will see it as fizzy mouthwash and move on.

Bubblegum. Ahh Bubblegum the sweetest of all flavours. The intense power of bubblegum flavour is not lost on me. I'm a big fan of the flavouring despite it normally being the reserve of small independent bottlers. Jones Soda have developed an incredible bubblegum flavour and it's stocked well in this country now which is a sensational thing and I'm a big big fan of it but maybe it's time for it to go mainstream.

Can you imagine shelves stocked with Fanta Bubblegum? Ohh man I'm giddy at the prospect already.

How could I choice between both well that's where Facebook comes in. Fanta should create pages for the two flavours and see which gets the most votes. The one that wins becomes the democratic soda of choice.

Now who do I see to get my cheque?

What do you guys think? Would you like to see Fanta 2.0?

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