Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Kit Kat Pop Choc

Fun Kit-Kat Facts
  • 1 Billion Kit Kat bars are produced every year. So if there's a zombie apocolypse we should head to York for supplies
  • They sponsor the ground of local team York City
  • They have numerous Japan only flavours. Check out their wiki page for more on this. It's insane.
  • I'll try and find the source for this but I believe the KitKat is Britains most succesful confectionary export. More so than even Dairy Milk
With Kit Kat having a history of innovation and new products it's no suprise to see yet another new one on the shelves of your local store. This time around it's Pop Choc

Now I think the new part is the single person bags as I think there has been share bags around for 6 months or so. This was Kit Kats attempt to get into that sharing market. Now it would be very easy to ignore this new product as I think as a consumer group we're a little blase about plain kitkats now with our Chunkys, flavoured versions and low calorie Girls Aloud endorsed versions.


It's a lot of fun. The chocolate finish isn't as smooth as you might expect giving it a more popcorn type feel to the product. Either that or they look like Kit Kat droppings. Now I see why they might have favoured the popcorn branding slightly more than marketing them as some sort of magical chocolate cats excrement but maybe I've just hit on a very succesful marketing campaign in other regions for them.

 It's tasty as well. They've got the balance of chocolate to wafer just right and they are very moreish. I have had a single person packet today and will never buy a sharing one, as I'll eat it far too quickly. These are brilliantly fun, kit kat morsels.

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