Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Blue Skittles Uk Review

In a very astutue tie in with Facebook we in the UK have seen the launch of the blue skittle.

And the thing is they havent really been that forthcoming with what the actual flavour is. There's been a lot of suggestions and quite a few not so positive ones at that so we at the fizzness blog decided it was high time that we ran it through the most discerning flavour machine in the planet.

That's right Flava Flav

Known for his incredible palette and discrminating tastes we knew if anyone could solve the problem it would be Flava Flav. Unfortunately though he isn't returning my calls so we'll have to make do ourselves at the minute.

I decided for the 1st taste it had to a blue one on it's own. It's a strong flavour and that's great. To me it's Cherry Cola or more accurately Cherry Dr.Pepper. I think there are almondy hints throughout (possibly why a lot of people are complaining about it tasting like marzipan) but the strongest flavour is without doubt the cherry.

I like it. A lot. I could eat a whole bag of them however there is one problem. On it's own the Blue skittle is great but with it's skittle bretheren something goes askew. I don't know if the Blue is super strengthed due to it being a limited edition type deal but it does not sit well with the other flavours to me. It overpowers and confuses them.

All in all I like the flavour but it's not much of a team player.

The facebook tie in combined with the 'Midas Touch' adverts seem to be creating a real buzz around Skittles again. They've done very well recently and I hope that continues, this tie in has given me an idea or two about other facebook tie ins we might hopefully see. I'll try and get something together for the 1st one later on today

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