Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Boylans Natural Cola

I spotted this bottle in a local deli and was instantly in love with the bottle.

This bottle is a thing of beauty. Honestly. An embossed bespoke bottle proudly stating the selling points of this cola above all others.

That is a thing of beauty.

I was thirsty at the time but was so taken by the label that I bought a drink I had no way of opening. This is a proper bottle cap. This is like Nuka Cola from Fallout and I think I would wander across a post-apocolyptic wasteland in search of these bottles.

The fun doesn't stop with the bottle, the stuff inside is pretty good as well. On opening the bottle there is a lovely true cola aroma and I was straight in. It's maybe a little less carbonated than you would come to expect and doesn't slap you as hard in the chops as Curiosity Cola but it's smooth. It's a really smooth taste and dare I say gentle. You can taste the cane sugar and I mean that as a massive positive the sweetness really does kick in and come through.

There is a note in there that's different to most of the other colas , including the premium brands, on the market. I think it's the caffeine source. Caffeine from cola exclaims the bottle and I think that gives us a background taste that brings this Cola to a different place than nearly every other Cola.

Rating : This is hard. In terms of straight up Cola I probably favour Fentimans Curiosity Cola due to the strength of the flavour. How can I put this though? It's Day and Night. Fentimans is a day cola and this is an evening cola. This is a smoking jacket cola. This is to be enjoyed in a brandy glass with some Hennesey on a yacht. I think you owe yourself that
I'm very much wanting to get my hands on some of the grape, black cherry and the Creme. I might even buy a hunting lodge and one of those globe drink cabinets to enjoy the experience properly

I'm on that Philleas Fog shit

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