Sunday, 24 July 2011

Cherry 7-UP

I grabbed a can of this from my local Poundworld store. As strange as it may sound these type of bargain stores are brilliant for picking up some of the less accessible but still main market brands. They will often have cans of Sunkist, Tango and Vimto which are unlikely to be found in most stores. So yet another top Fizzness tip there for you.

This incarnation of Cherry 7Up is uncoloured. It's refreshing but sadly the cherry flavour, or more specifically the after-taste of the cherry flavour, seems a bit odd and perhaps tinny in taste. I think it's pretty similar to the flavour tones being used in Diet Coke with Cherry (which again seems different to the normal Cherry Coke flavouring).

I wasn't a massive fan of this version of 7UP. There are better Cherry flavoured drinks out there, especially considering this isn't a diet soda.

I was left feeling disappointingly flat after this.

Rating 3/10 Not Cherry Nice

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