Wednesday, 20 July 2011

American Soda Q&A Part2

What would Part 1 be without a Part 2? Like Cream without Soda, Mountains without Dew or Doctors without Pepper. Below we have the 2nd installment of our questions and answer session with Dave from American Soda

US: Could you recommend us a Diet Soda?
American Soda :Your asking a root beer nut, so I'm going to say Barq's diet root beer it as a kick of caffeine.

Do you have a least favourite soda? Something thats just not to your taste, doesnt have to be something you stock obviously
Not too keen on diet dr. Pepper.

Dave is not a believer it seems

Are you a fan of any of the olde time sodas? Like Dandelion and Burdock or Sasprilla?
Yes we used to stock them from a company in Brooklyn NY, we have recently been in touch with that companies new owners, so we may see them back very soon.

Is there any other part of americana you would like to bring to the uk? For me it would be New York Style pizza by the slice
The Olive Garden's Alfredo Sauce and salted bread sticks.

If you could bring and sell 1 UK Soda and 1 UK Candy in America what would they be and why?
Fizzy vimto  and a crunchy bar

Have you ever considered importing from other areas as well? South Africa seems quite popular for example or are you USA all the way?
Whilst that could be tempting an I see others doing that, I feel it should be USA all the way for us, and I think thats what our customers expect.

Any upcoming or new products you are excited by?
As mentioned the Jelly Belly Soda's, we are looking at getting many more soda's, Duff, Hansons, Fanta Pineapple & salt water taffy

If you could sum up American Soda in 10 words, what would they be?
Youthful, fun, customer focused, extremely  happy doing what we do.

So there you have it. We have exciting new products to look forward to from a man and a company that are dedicated to bringing the best of the US to the UK.

Massive thanks to Dave for answering our questions. Great to get such an insight into what's going on over there for American Soda.

Here we have a link to AmericanSodas youtube channel. They recently had a staff competition involving blind taste tests to see who know the product line the best. Check it out below

And remember if you're near the store you really do owe it to yourself to get down there and check it out!

Or if you're interested in getting hold of some of Daves recommended root beer get yourself over to this link's-Root-Beer-Diet-12-FL-OZ-(355-ml).aspx

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