Tuesday, 19 July 2011

I'm the maine man baby

Bit of background first up.

Maine is a Northern Irish Soft Drinks company based in Ballymoney. This is there website http://www.mainesoftdrinks.co.uk/products/ and they have a special place in the hearts of many Northern Irish people. They make classic UK flavours and bottle them in wonderful big glass bottles. My granny used to be a big fan of their products and their Pineapple flavour is out of this world

I stumbled, yeah shameful times I know, into a local store on Friday night and was confronted with the sight of Scottish Kola. My head told me it would be Iron Bru flavoured but my heart said it would be KOLA KUBE flavour I mean my god it even has a K there in the word Kola.

For the uninitiated Kola Kubes are officially a geometrists favourite sweet/candy. These hard boiled cola flavoured cubes are a staple of growing up in the UK. Despite this no Cola really tastes like them (Fentimans may be the closest) so if Maine had managed to do this they had caught the proverbial lightning in a bottle.

I snaffled this and a can of Dr.Pepper Cherry (review to follow shortly) and made my way back to drink it. I twisted the the cap, on that note is there a better feeling than opening an old worlde glass bottle of pop?, and sniffed in big. Ohh it did sort of smell of Kola Kubes. I didn't even bother with a glass, in my defense this bottle was technically a large glass right, and took a swig.

Boom it's Iron Brew but with a hint of Kola Kube. It's there I'm sure it's there, I might have imagined it, no I didn't it's definitely there. It's a strange mix and I think the Iron Brew overpowers it. I would prefer it to be a super strong Kola Kube flavoured powerhouse but instead it feels like a mix of two worlds.

This is a good drink though because it's different and it's great that a local company is trying new things. I would recommend to anyone in NI to get a hold of this when they see it, it's worth a try.

We'll see if there's anyway to find an online stockist of that and failing that if you are really keen drop us a line and we'll try and sort you out somehow.

I've got my eye on their product list and the Australian famed Portello is certainly calling me. I may have to give Maine a call to find a local stockist.

Failing that I might just have to hit up the Kola Kube flavoured schnapps

Although on second thoughts.......

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