Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Cherry Tree Cola - Exclusive

We got our first exclusive scoop here at the Fizzness about the much anticipated Cherry Tree Cola from Fentimans (http://www.fentimans.com/)

For those unaware of Fentimas, and I honestly feel for you if that's the case, they are a botanical brewer of some of the most fantastical sodas going. Their curiosity cola is flawless if someone could bring to life the cola bottle sweets that you get in pick and mix it still wouldn't quite touch this drink. It's stupefying how awesome it is. Thats before you even touch their insanely punchy ginger beer and the refreshing rose lemonade.

Yeah what can I say I'm a fan. A big fan and whilst flicking some music channels a few months ago I noticed a new bottle of fentimans in the LMFAO video for Party Rockers. Listen I don't even like the song but I did keep watching to see if I could make out the label. Boom thats a win for product placement on videos


Thats the video if you're interested.

So since then I've been excited, really excited about Cherry Tree Cola I've been checking the shelves in tesco for it on a weekly basis. Knowing that this is going to be worth the wait. I'm impatient I'm not going to lie about that so I dropped the lovely people of Fentimans an email to ask when to expect some....


It's initially US only. I'm shattered by this. We need to do something to show them how much this drink is being anticipated in the UK as well.

I've created a petition and probably will get onto a facebook group as well. This isn't a complaint or a moan as such but more a registration of interest in the drink.


The world will be a better place with Cherry Tree Cola in our lives!

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