Saturday, 26 May 2012

KX Tropical


We back on the energy drink train.

Remember we have reviewed KX before and it was a bit samey. It feels like Tesco were trying to get an inhouse energy drink with a bit of brand appeal rather than creating a drink that deserves some brand appeal.

They've launched some new flavours and we're testing some of them out. First up is the tropical

It's a lovely looking can. You got to give them that. Aesthetically I think they are scoring very high.

Flavour wise. It's interesting but not immediately identifiable. There's general tropicalness going on in my mouth but whether it's mango or mango and a hint of passion fruit I don't know. I think that's the general area they are going for. It's alright and it's cheap.

As a lower price end drink it's pretty alright and you could do a lot worse.

What they should have done

Just energized Um Bongo. I would be all over that.

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