Friday, 29 June 2012

Mike and Ike Cotton Candy

DING DING. Time to get my fairground on. Roll up Roll up you marks and come and see if you can remove my coconuts.

Cotton Candy in a bag. This is what the 21st Century was meant to be. Here's the thing they decided that they would just slap 3 different flavours into this bag and hey it's a pretty nice, though very BRIGHT, bag. Check it out.

It smells incredible. Sugar rush up your nose type deal.

The flavours are good. Cherry was the standout for me and it smacks bang of the same flavour as the jelly beans, the lemon and lime are the support act really I think. All of them do pack a punch though and if you can power through the sugar wall you will probably hit about 2/3 of the way through the bag you'll be doing well.

In terms of nutritional values well listen you're not getting anything good right but you're not getting anything that's too bad for you. Zero fat and calorie wise this bag, which is a lot of eating, clocks in at 300 calories which is about the same as some small chocolate bars.

The only downside is this bit. May contain the 3 flavours? That's some bullshit if you have 3 flavours on the package you should have the 3 flavours in the bag. What's the manufacturing issue with that? You just lost yourselves a mark boys.

All in all though this is a pretty awesome product. It's insanely sweet so hits any sweet tooth cravings you might have but isn't horrendous in terms of calories or fat etc. All in all yeah I think you need to get yourself some.

Following people supply

Stateside Candy Co were the people who fufilled our order previously but seem currently out of stock.

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