Tuesday, 20 September 2011

KA Black Grape :- Planet of the Grapes

Undeterred by my confusion at the Karibbean Kola drink I had just sampled I ploughed on. I'm no hero, just an average, incredibly handsome and modest, man who drinks and eats stuff and then writes about it on the internet.

KA Black Grape. Ohhh mercy. I love Grape flavour. Infact we've talked about this a little before, http://fizzness.blogspot.com/search?q=graped+crusader, but I really do love it. I may be the Kel of Grape Soda.

Firstly the colour of this is incredible. It's like the grape Jolly Rancher colour. Yes that deep and that purple. It smells brilliant and it tastes fantastic. Grape-tastic.

Buy this. Is it better than Bigga Grape Soda? It's different. As good. It has grape in it. Does that help? I like Grape. I do grape now

Ohh and look at this list of KA drinks. http://www.agbarr.co.uk/agbarr/newsite/ces_brands.nsf/brands/brands-ka_sparkling_black_grape!opendocument
There's loads including strawberry. God Bless you AG BARR you loveable scamps. I'm coming to drink it all

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