Monday, 5 September 2011

You're Barred : - Barrs Ginger Beer review by a Ginger Bear

G-NOTE or as I like to call him Gerry "Pez" Peterson has delicately reviewed a powerful ginger beer and possibly got us both banned from Scotland for life. God bless him. Here's his review

I am a big fan of Ginger Beer, I am also ginger, I’m not sure if there is a relationship here but I though I would get this interesting fact out of the way before I started my review.
Another interesting fact is that Barr’s, Scotland’s biggest home-grown soft drink company, have a strong relationship with Gingers. Firstly they are from Scotland, the Ginger capital of the world, secondly they make Irn Bru, the fuel of all Ginger’s and thirdly they have recently launched a tinned version of their Ginger Beer. (See all this Ginger talk was leading somewhere.)
The new tin forms part of a range of budget soft drinks launched by Barr’s and having given them all a try they are head and shoulders above other similarly priced beverages, (lets be honest 35p drinks usually taste like fizzy water and sweeteners), but the Ginger Beer really stands out.
I’ll get this over with first, don’t be expecting a genuine ginger beer, it only cost 35p you cheap bastard, if you want to have a spice induced eye pop then stump up the cash for a bottle of Fentiman’s.
What you get instead is a ginger flavoured soda, and a good one at that. The balance between the sweetness and the ginger is perfect, the ginger is strong but not over powering. After each gulp there is a pleasant spicy buzz that covers up any cheap after taste that budget drinks usually have and most of all its tasty, damn tasty. It’s not going to please a connoisseur but for everyone else it really is a rewarding drink.
I cant recommend this one enough, its cheap and cheerful but like an Irn Bru fuelled angry ginger Scot it packs a strong punch (and possibly likes to beat its wife.)

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