Saturday, 4 February 2012

Brisk Strawberry and Melon

Up today we have another flavour from the people of unilever. It's again from their Brisk range of non-carbonated soft drinks but this time we've something a little different.

Now I enjoyed the lemonade and orangeade flavours quite a bit but with them being a) common carbonated drinks and b) common cordial flavours here in the UK it did leave me feeling, not unlike the drinks, flat.

Today is a different type of beast. The flavour today is Strawberry and Melon. Look at it, isn't it a beauty?

I mean that can is something else. I love the artwork on these cans.  They look fantastic and they taste fantastic. This is no exception. I talked about the others being common carbonated drinks well that's not a massive problem here the only one I am familar with that shares this lineage is the incredible Mountain Dew Supernova. Not bad gene pool to share right? Sadly we don't quite hit those heights although I don't think many ever will.

In terms of it being like a cordial well that's not quite as clear here, yes Strawberry is common but the melon flavour, and you can pick up the melon flavour, is what sets it apart. You won't be drinking this feeling like you got mugged off.

I think this is my favourite of the Brisk range so far. I would love to give it the seal of approval but I think Mountain Dew Supernova has maybe set the Strawberry and Melon a bit too high for that.

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