Sunday, 19 February 2012

Tayto Titanic

2012 marks the centenary of the Titanics fateful journey. Now here in Belfast we're very proud of the fact that we built what was at the time a sensational piece of engineering and  ship that's lived longer in the memory than most. This year is a big year in Belfast with the opening of the landmark new visitor centre being the centre-point of a big year planned for the local tourist board.

This has lead to local Crisp company Tayto launching a commemorative bag of hand cooked lightly salted crisps.

The bag itself is Titanic, I heard the groans I promise it's the only time I use that, weighing in at a whopping 150g. I love the design actually and it certainly makes it stand out from the crowd in your local store.

The crisps are luxurious. Hand-cooked will craft images of kettle chips to you and that's not far away except these don't have that sort of greasy sheen on them of other hand-cooked crisps also they aren't as rigid as some. Maybe it's just me but some hand-cooked kettle chip style crisps almost shatter on biting and you get these rock hard shards that then stab at the lining of your mouth. These aren't like that. They have a really reassuring bite and texture to them. You also can't taste any sort of fat or anything akin to that from them. Seasoning is spot on here too with large grains of what seems like Sea Salt but there's not too much of it. It doesn't dry your mouth out or dull your taste buds it's just enough to have you craving more and more and more of these crisps.

These crisps somehow manage to ooze prestige and luxury without trying too hard. Fantastic. Like the ill-fated ship they also went down a bit too easy. Urgh even I feel a bit repulsed by that joke.


To find out more about what's planned in Northern Ireland this year visit the following link


  1. one thousand five hundred people drowning in the freezing North Atlantic yes very good taste

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