Sunday, 19 February 2012

Rocky Road Rice Krispie Square

Rice Krispie squares eh. Bloody great bunch of lads in my view. Not only have they managed to market and sell something that is quite easy to make but they've done such a good job of it that nobody even thinks anything of it. I like them, a lot. I think the Caramel one is probably my favourite of the branded ones and so I was quite happy to see a Rocky Road flavour in a local shop.

I probably should have left it there. Now the make up of this treat is a bit different to what I would normally think of as rocky road. It's white chocolate, marshmallow, raisin, shortbread and milk chocolate. I know the thing with Rocky Road is there's so many variations so I can't really take issue with this collection on ingredients but I did feel the white chocolate was going to get a little lost.

That probably wasn't the case actually I had a lot of the chocolate on the top so it definitely held it's own but the shortbread biscuit on the other hand was such a disappointment. Flavour wise it was good but texture wise it just confused the whole thing. You have a bit of crunch and bite from the Rice Krispies themselves so the biscuit just kind of is screaming me too me too and ends up being annoying. The marshmallow is used to bind the Krispies together but you feel a bit short changed. Rocky Road should have chunks of marshmallow and the texture of only marshmallow right? Isn't that one of few consistencies with all the varieties.

I'll be honest I was only this disappointed because I like the other varieties of these a lot. This did feel like a dud thought. Real shame

Do yourself a favour if you get a rocky road craving go to Marks and Spencers buy one of these tubs and just be happy

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