Sunday, 19 February 2012

Why do you think they call it Fruit Juice?

So I was watching Celebrity Juice, yeah I'm beginning to think I might have been programmed to like things with the word juice in them ok, and the idents for want of a better term are for Oasis drink.

Nothing odd there you say. Coca-Cola have been pushing Oasis a bit recently but it's in an odd place isn't it. They don't want to sell it as a healthy option right as it's quite high in sugar so they decided to take it in the direction of hinting that it was having sex with a lot of food.

* the eagle eyed among you will notice this isnt the celebrity juice adverts. Can't find them at the minute. Point still stands.

Yep. Now that's weird but what's really weird about it is, this isn't the first time someones done that. Take a look at this advert for Fruice

So why do people want to indicate that their juice likes to have sex with food. Is the thought of a baked potato getting a different kind of stuffing supposed to make me want a drink. Don't get me wrong I'm sure we've all found a sandwich or a scotch egg to be sexy in the past but it's not making me thirsty right? So then it struck me the problem is they don't want you to think Fruit Juice indicates anything about your sexual preference. It's kind of a you are what you drink scenario I think. The juice does protest too much I think. I mean think about it in all these adverts do the juice drinks ever go for same sex companions? Didn't think so.

You know what though it's ok drink companies I think most of us realise that fruit juices aren't only the drink of choice of homosexuals.

So to any advertisers reading this blog, it's ok we get it. Fruit Juices are not gay. Thanks.

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