Thursday, 8 December 2011

Pepsi Wild Cherry

Look at it. Isn't it glorious? This is one of the holy grails for us UK type folk. We hear a lot about Wild Cherry Pepsi well now I managed to find it on the shelf of my local deli (Sawyers in Belfast which if you can get past the smell of fish is a bit of a treasure trove for drinks and candy)

So in the interest of full disclosure I will come clean and admit this isn't my first dance with Wild Cherry Pepsi. No no no, I had it from a dispenser in a buffet type restaurant called Sweet Tomatoes in Florida ( It's only fair to give that a place a whole hearted recommendation to anyone in Florida. I thought it was fantastic.

This however is not holiday time and therefore I had my serious hat on (it has a picture of godzilla on it) when I sat down to review this drink. So here it is.

It is very very good. You smell it and there's like an almondy background to the smell and a little bit to the flavour. I think the Cherry flavouring is a lot nicer than the stuff we get here in Cherry Vimto or Cherry 7-UP (both reviewed on this site you say? and ) but that might be an america vs uk deal going on there.

The obvious competitor here would be Cherry Coke right? Is it better than that? Probably no for my money and I think due to the almond type flavour I'm getting it's possibly a little closer to the UK Dr.Pepper than Cherry Coke. Madness? Possibly. It's good but I'm not sure it's any better than what's currently readily available here in the UK.

I will get my hands on this Cherry Pepsi Max as surely it's nicer than that frankly vulgar diet coke with cherry. Which makes my eyes bleed.

Want to get your hands on some? Not from Belfast? Try the following web links

I have had experience with all of these guys and they are all reputable sellers.

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