Tuesday, 20 December 2011

BRISKY BUSINESS : Brisk Lemonade

Brisk is a non-carbonated US drink brand from the same family of products as Lipton Ice Tea. Most don't contain any tea they just contain powerful flavours in pretty out there can designs. The 1st one I'm trying (and in total I will be trying 4 from the range) is the Lemonade drink.

With non-carbonated lemonades you run the risk of something like Marks and Spencers lemonade cooler that melts your face off with it's powerful lemon cannon. An unrelenting roller coaster of sourness that makes you want to go crying to your mother.

This is not that drink. It's tangy and sweet without any sharpness and by god does it look good. I prefer it that way and that's actually how the police described me after a toga party at fizzness tower went a bit awry recently.

Overall it's a lot of fun. I'm going to rank it just below the Rockstar Recovery as it's more readily available, has the added hangover killing caffeine and the can is equally as pimping.

I think it's worth picking a few of these up just to see the artwork including the particularly fetching Green Lantern inspired piece we'll review soon. So for me this is a  7/10 to a really welcome change up in pace.Quite a fan of these non-carbonated drinks, but this isn't quite up there with Hawaiian Punch

You can get your grubby little mits on it at AmericanFizz

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