Friday, 16 December 2011

Kubus Apple Raspberry and Carrot

Like the soft drink Michael Palin we are continuing are journey sampling some of easternly europes finest beverages by way of the international food aisle in our local supermarket, which in some ways is exactly like being there in the first place right?

KUBUS. Where to start? Well the bottle is pretty cool with little pawprints and the like on it. The top of the cap has a delightful pawprint as well. Great and it's nice when someone takes a little time to make a bottle look a bit different and stand out.

If you've not heard of Kubus well I will be a little suprised. It's pretty common sight here in most convenience stores in some form or other, normally the larger bottles. It's a high vitamin fruit juice blend, the small 300ml bottle accounted for 150% of my Vitamin A and C for the day.

It kind of reminds me a bit of the V8 product which I think in the UK was normally carrot based, in the US I believe they have like beets and sweet potato juice blended. This is Carrot, Apple and Raspberry but to be honest on tasting it none of the 3 are dominant. Is it because they are such a delightful blend or is it soemthing to do with the glucose-fructose syrup being added just kind of dulling the corners of the taste a little? Probably leaning to the latter.

One thing I need to say about this is the consistency is odd. It's thick but it feels whipped or aerated somehat. It's like a melted sorbet or Calippo Ice Cream or something. Not sure how they've managed that? I don't think it's entirely down to the make up of the juice either. It sounds maybe similar to a thick smoothie you would make at home but here it kind of feels like an artificial example of that.

All in all. It's pretty inoffensive stuff. Nothing jumps out either way except maybe the oddly offputting texture might cost it a couple of points. Run of the mill stuff I thought 5/10

If you fancy trying it you can order it online from the following places.

The Bannana, Peach and Apple flavour has got me a little interested if I'm honest

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