Friday, 16 December 2011

Frugo Strong White

Another Frugo review. If you've seen our other reviews you'll know the drill by now.

We've almost worked our way through the entire Frugo range now. Just two left. Today we are dealing with Strong White, which you will be thankful to know isn't some sort of political statement from our Eastern European friends...phew. It's a Lychee infused drink and I'll be really honest here. I was not looking forward to this one.

Why you ask? Coconut, Pineapple and Bannana sounds like an odd mix alone but adding Lychees (and again that's a weird combo right because Lychees are more common in Asia right?) just makes me feel we are on a really shaky ground here.


This was really really good. Tastes really 'tropical' and has a really sweet refreshing taste. The lychees flavour is masked quite happily by the other 3 but together they have created something really nice here. Again if you are a fan of snapple drinks give this a go. It's still relatively cheap in tescos

It's a high score it's probably an 8/10 but it's falling a little short of the official seal of approval. As a drinks range though it probably earns it.

You can get it here

So that leaves us with only 1 Frugo flavour left to try and thats the orange which is Passonfruit flavour I believe. We got a strong recommendation on that from a fizzness reader. If you guys have any suggestions for us either hit us up on Facebook or Twitter (@Fizznessblog)

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