Tuesday, 20 December 2011

TaB Cola

I'm a moron. Yep, it's out there. As a delightful man from the delightful city of Belfast my knowledge of TaB began and end with the ill-fated clear cola of TaB Clear in the early 90's

Look at it, it's so.... well pointless but still the point stands so imagine my confusion, if it helps picture Peter Andre trying to remember the last time he wasn't a cretin, when I got myself a can and well it wasn't clear. See Tab Cola was one of the worlds first ever Diet Colas and pre-dates Diet Coke apparentley. WELL I BE DAMNED

Shock! It's a coca-cola product and I'm drinking it. It's got a strong cola taste and an incredible pink can. Err and it's very 80's styleee. You can tell this by the crazy usage of a capital letter and the start and end of the word. This isn't to be confused with the vErY nInEtIeS nU-mEtAl way of making things eye bleedingly bad.

It's pretty cool drink but there is a worrying kind of hum from the can that makes you think it might be a little bit toxic. The sweeteners used seem a little harsh but not overly sweet. It's main plus points are probably that it's a bit different and err pink but it really isn't a patch on Pepsi Max or the current young pretenders. In the world of Diet Colas Tab is probably the Karl Largerfeld. Older than most, maybe not ageing that well, flamboyantly attired and err got shit hair, I think I've got distracted. The funny thing about that is even he drinks Diet Coke

Aside from that it's totally rad and gnarly. Sorry guys in true 80's style I'm off to befriend a small alien creature, party with a caveman robot before finally going to prom with that swimsuit model that lives next door.

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