Thursday, 8 December 2011

Haribo Super Sour Monsters

Haribo have a new(ish) product called Super Sour Monsters and oddly enough it doesn't seem like it's a Halloween only treat.

Stomping along in Lemon, Cherry and Apple flavours these terrifying critters will surely have you screwing your face up. Not only because they are powerfully sour but also because you would think to yourself doesn't Haribo already have Tangfastics? Aren't they brilliant? Couldn't they have just added these to tangfastics for Halloween rather than make it stand alone?

Odd. Still good like don't get me wrong but given the choice I would probably go for Tangfastics. These sweets have the 3 flavour variations and each is nice, apple would be my personal favourite. but they don't have the same range or excitement that tangfastics generates.

Left me feeling a bit  flat 5/10

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