Friday, 16 December 2011

Kicking Kola

An organic Cola you say? Seems odd but why not. Free Natural you say? Seems odd but why not? Sweetened with fruit juice rather than sugar? Ok but you're just making me a bit sad now.

Kicking Kola is an odd little product that I found in a Deli recently. It was the only bottle left so I quickly snaffled it up and brought it home.

I wish I'ld left it there.

The smell is a bit off putting as well it's a bit spirit like. I guess it's probably botanically brewed like Fentimans but the smell isn't as alluring as Curiosity Cola. The taste well it doesn't fully taste like Cola. There's a hint there but instead of the apple juice adding to the cola taste and strengthening it, you kinda feel the other way and that the cola is the background flavour.

The apples taste stewed. I doubt they have been cooked or whatever but you get that kind of apple tart taste to them.

Wasn't a fan 2/10. The only thing kicking here was what this drink did to my nuts. I feel stunned.

It also gets the dreaded Jude Law award. I tried to be nice in my wording last time but apparently gave the impression I fancied him. The Jude Law award is for something that makes you want to reach inside your own face and disconnect your brain so you don't have to deal with it anymore. In real terms it also means I havent even been able to finish the drink, that was the case here and it was a small bottle

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