Tuesday, 31 May 2011


I bought a bottle of DR POP from Sainsburys at the weekend and for the uninformed it's their version of Dr Pepper. I'm glad to see Dr P moving up in the world these days and actually warranting the knock off brand love from supermarkets (Dr.THUNDER being a particular favourite).

The only problem is I don't know what to make of it. It kind of has this Root Beer tone to it which makes the whole thing a bit odder. I don't really like Root Beer as I can't quite shake a 'medicinal' quality to its flavour and I think this is similar. You get smells of Cherry and Sherbet from it and the taste is similar to start with then Root Beer kicks in.

Did Sainsburys just mix Dr Pepper and Root Beer?

Will try and find a photo of this. May need to be a self shot snap

Anyone else tried this? What did you think

EDIT : Actually when looking into this it appears as if Morrisons have also got an own label version of Dr Pepper called Dr.Pop.

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  1. I have just reviewed it and put it on youtube! http://youtu.be/W7sX5o-nnrw I agree it is very unusual and odd smelling... but not enough to buy again! I think Sainsbury's want another trademark spat with Coca Cola like they did in 1994 with Sainsbury's Classic Cola and Coca Cola Classic (as it was then known)